Being responsible for the safety of passengers is the number one priority of the regulated taxi industry. We are regulated to ensure the safety of individuals, families and communities we serve. Vehicles meet all safety requirements; drivers are fully-trained and vetted. Our cars are equipped with state-of-the-art tracking systems and emergency features that protect passenger safety.


Regulated taxis carry full commercial carrier insurance. This is available only to licensed taxi operators and it protects everyone in the unlikely event of an accident including the driver and passengers as well as cyclists, pedestrians and other motorists.  Contingent insurance policies are not adequate protection for unregulated car-for-hire services. Taxicab operators use state-of-the-art secure payment systems to protect customers’ identity and card information.


The prices of a taxi ride are set by municipal and provincial governments to cover the costs of safety and security measures and, to ensure a fair wage for drivers. There are no ‘surge charges’ or other surprise costs; just the published metered fare. The taxicab industry in Canada, and in almost every other country in the world, is regulated to protect customers and people in the community.



Taxi Diamond has all the youthful energy it had back when it was founded in 1922. Here’s the proof: Its taxi network is the biggest in Quebec. With over 1,000 cars combing the city and computer aided dispatch software, Taxi Diamond’s team offers courteous, quick service 24 hours a day,  seven days a week.


Coventry Connections is one of Canada’s  largest operators of taxis.  It also manages a large portfolio of accessible taxicabs, airport transportation cars, executive black cars, limousines, shuttle buses and tow-trucks. The company is known for its high standards of service, and efficient support infrastructure needed for moving people safely.


In Calgary there are two major transportation providers, Checker Yellow Cabs and Associated Cab Companies. Since 1975, Checker Yellow Cabs has been providing premier taxi service in Calgary. For over 35 years they have been helping Calgarians and visitors to Calgary with everyday transportation, airport pickup and drop off service, special occasion and corporate transportation. Founded in 1978,  Associated Cab has grown to become one of the leading luxury transportation providers in the Calgary area.


Royal Taxi Inc. is part of the Grossman Group of Companies, which has operated in the transportation industry for over 50 years.  Royal Taxi takes pride in its customer service and in evaluating the needs of its customers. The fleet which of over 500 vehicles includes 32 accessible Taxi Vans, servicing our special needs customers.


The Edmonton Taxi Service Group  is the  area’s largest transportation provider and  has a history of unparalleled customer service that can be traced back to 1945. Its four taxi fleets, Yellow Cab, Barrel Taxi, Checker Cab and Prestige Cab together with the Prestige Limousine fleet and Sky Shuttle service are available 24 hours a day to provide unrivaled service.


The Vancouver Taxi Association serves the residents, tourists and business professionals in The City of Vancouver and surrounding area. With a fleet of 588 taxicabs on the road, available 24 hours a day, is has features 113 wheelchair accessible vans and more than 450 hybrid electric vehicles, making it the largest taxi company in British Columbia. Members of the Vancouver Taxi Association include: MacLure’s Cabs, Vancouver Taxi, Yellow Cab and Black Top & Checker Cabs.

Many Become One

Many independent taxicab operators from across Canada have come together as a unified national voice for the industry. The group includes companies based in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.  Together we are working to educate Canadians about the risks of unregulated car-for-hire services so they can make informed choices.

Who we are

The Canadian Taxicab Companies group includes Montreal’s Taxi Diamond, Ottawa’s Coventry Connections, Toronto’s Royal Taxi, Calgary’s The Checker Group and Associated Cab Company, Edmonton’s Taxi Service Group and  the Vancouver Taxi Association.


Only a regulated taxi industry can provide the safe, secure service that Canadians can rely upon.  That’s why for the first time ever, Canada’s taxicab companies have joined forces to become the unified voice of the nation’s regulated taxi industry

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