Aviva has introduced a new insurance product for ridesharing programs. But we’re predicting most drivers won’t even bother

March 18, 2016 Taxi Truths Insurance, Race to the bottom, Regulation, Safety Issues

A prediction, and a challenge.

As promised, Aviva Canada, one of Canada’s largest insurers, now has a plan in place for ridesharing programs in Ontario, and are currently with regulators in other key markets, such as Alberta, Quebec and the Maritimes. They don’t call it the Uber plan, but it’s the Uber plan. While acknowledging they want no part of ongoing legal gymnastics taking place over the legality of Uber in centres across Canada (Uber is not legal in most centres across Canada), they do want to make sure their customers are protected should they sign up to drive for a ridesharing program.
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Source: Driving.ca

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