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06 Feb

City of Edmonton Cites Uber Public Risk

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Source: CBC News

The City of Edmonton has cited the risk to public security as one of the reasons behind it’s filing of an injunction to stop Uber from operating in Edmonton. Edmonton becomes the second city to seek an injunction against Uber, since it’s coming to Canada. The City of Toronto has also filed an injunction against Uber, citing inadequate insurance as one of the reasons why it is seeking to stop Uber from operating in Toronto.

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Source: CBC News

06 Feb

Uber’s Legal Woes Mount in Montreal

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Source: Montreal Gazette

Once again Uber is being taken to court by a Canadian city. This time it’s Montreal, where multiple Uber drivers have had their cars seized and been fined.

On top of the fines and car seizures, Uber is facing a second legal challenge in Montreal from the city’s 11,000 taxi drivers, who have filed for permission to launch a class-action suit against the service.

In November of 2014, Quebec Transport Minister Robert Poëti called Uber illegal. He warned drivers that they are offering rides at their own risks.

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Source: Montreal Gazette

29 Jan

Choose your taxi ride carefully!

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It’s said that on average, an adult will make about 35,000 decisions a day.  Most of them are pretty simple.  Which chair? Have a snack? Coke or Pepsi?  Take a taxi?

Some decisions can seem pretty inconsequential on the surface, but under closer examination, they are actually pretty important.  For example,  accepting a casual date with an acquaintance, only to end up marrying them down the road, or taking a later train only to find out the earlier one was in a horrific crash.

It’s true that you never know what life will throw you, but some choices should be made with due consideration of all the facts.  This infographic is designed to help you make an informed choice about the next car-for-hire you accept. Let’s tell the truth about Canada’s regulated taxi industry.

23 Jan


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The Canadian TaxiCab Operators Group (CTOG) has denounced a research report on Uber drivers released by the US-based online taxi dispatch company. CTOG calls the survey flawed, disingenuous and says it does not reflect Uber drivers’ true reality.

“The survey report is biased and flawed. It’s paid for and co-authored by Uber itself, so how can it be seen as impartial?“ states Carolyn Bauer, CTOG national spokesperson. “It’s more of a report on lifestyle. Many of its findings are true of all taxi drivers…they also like being their own boss and picking their own hours for example.”

20 Jan

Calgary is well served by the regulated taxi industry

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Jesse Kline’s recent National Post column doesn’t present a balanced account of Calgary’s taxi industry. It’s understood that much of the piece is his opinion and, as such, doesn’t necessarily need to be balanced, informed or otherwise, because it is simply his opinion.

Kline rightly states that between 1986 and 2014 the City of Calgary had only issued 255 new taxi licenses. This is true, but for good reason. Calgary actually had an oversupply of taxis and drivers were often hard-pressed to make a decent living. A study, conducted a few years ago by an independent economist, revealed that Calgary does indeed have enough taxis, but that peak times pose a supply challenge, as is normal in most major cities. Each year, the City of Calgary releases licences using a formula based on population growth, response times and geography. It’s decision-making based on hard data and facts.

12 Dec

Taxi meter, are you talking to me?

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Blind olympian
Donaovan Tildesley likes talking taxi meters. (Photo: LinkedIn)

Robert De Niro once famously asked his own reflection, “Are you talking to me?” Now real life Vancouver taxi drivers can ask the same question of their meters, thanks to new talking meters.

For the first time in Canada, and possibly even North America, accessible cabs will be fitted with talking taxi meters.  MacLure’s Cabs, Vancouver Taxi, Yellow Cab and Black Top & Checker Cabs, all members of the Vancouver Taxi Association (VTA), will replace all meters and install the new “talking meters” to provide a better service to seniors and individuals with disabilities.

VTA’s Carolyn Bauer says the introduction of this innovation will help the city take a step towards meeting its Accessibility 2024 goal of becoming the nation’s most progressive province for people with disabilities.

According to the Metro newspaper, three-time Paralympian swimmer Donovan Tildesley said the talking meter could stop visually-impaired customers being overcharged, something he said he has experienced himself.

Moving forward, seniors and people with disabilities will ask a taxi driver to activate the audio feature as soon as they step into a taxi. The meter will indicate the starting fare, the fare incremental increases as well as the final amount.