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06 May

Les entreprises de taxi d’Ottawa prennent les plaintes au sérieux!

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Les taxis d’Ottawa représentent un important aspect du réseau de transport d’Ottawa : ils font plus de 20 000 voyages par jour. Il faut donc beaucoup de chauffeurs pour conduire les nombreux passagers à toute heure de la journée ou de la nuit dans toutes sortes de conditions routières et météorologiques. C’est tout de même étonnant que seulement une fraction d’un pour cent de ces voyages se traduise par des plaintes de clients.

14 Jan

Will rider safety be the Achilles heel for Uber?

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By Barbara Ortutay and Justin Pritchard  | Source : The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The growth of ride-hailing companies such as Uber and Lyft so far has not been hindered by limits from government regulators and campaigns by taxi cab competitors. A bigger threat to the new industry’s impressive start could come from customers — if enough people stop using the services over fears that drivers aren’t safe.

Not safe as in the drivers won’t get into an accident — safe as in they won’t attack passengers.

14 Jan

Uber could be banned in Los Angeles and San Francisco as global anger builds towards cab company

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San Francisco and Los Angeles authorities have become the latest cities to take action against internet-based minicab firm Uber amid growing concerns about the quality of its driver background checks.

By Harry Readhead  | Source : Metro.co.uk

The cab service was banned from operating in New Delhi following an alleged rape by a driver of a female passenger, while a Madrid judge has ordered a temporary halt to the service.

And now Los Angeles and San Francisco, where the company has its headquarters, are taking legal action against the firm, claiming Uber made ‘untrue or misleading representations’ regarding the quality of its driver screening process.

14 Jan

Beware of insurance loopholes for unlicensed transportation companies

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The Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association (TLPA), a global non-profit trade association that represents the private passenger transportation industry, has published a report entitled Dangerous Details in the Fine Print: How Uber, Lyft and Sidecar Are Shifting Risk and Avoiding Responsibility. This report highlights concerns over unlicensed transportation companies and how they’re attempting to avoid liability and regulations.

09 Jan

The truth about Uber and insurance in Canada

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Toronto Life Magazine’s recent interview with Uber’s Ian Black provides a simplistic and one-sided view of the complex issue of taxi industry regulation in Toronto and one which trivializes the serious issue of public safety. Particularly worrisome are Mr. Black’s assurances that Uber drivers are fully insured. 

18 Dec

After a spate of bad press for Uber, some turn back to traditional taxicabs

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The new app drew complaints about high prices and the bad behavior of drivers, and it’s been banned in some countries.

By Justin Rocket Silverman | Source: Daily News

Meet the Uber haters.

The renegade taxi service has been a worldwide punching bag all year — thanks to prices that become astronomical with no warning, a CEO who promised to investigate reporters, drivers who have sexually harassed and allegedly raped customers, and bizarre routes meant to jack up prices — and more and more New Yorkers are hitting delete.

18 Dec

« Notez-nous! », disent les entreprises de taxi à Calgary

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Les entreprises de taxi de Calgary soutiennent à fond la campagne pour l’application mobile 311. En affichant des autocollants sur leur pare-choc, les chauffeurs font la promotion de cette appli, destinée à les noter. « Des compliments? Des critiques? Téléchargez l’appli 311! »

La municipalité espère que cette nouvelle campagne encouragera les habitants de Calgary à fournir des commentaires sur le service qu’ils reçoivent.

Kurt Enders, président du Checker Transportation Group, confirme que son entreprise soutient pleinement la campagne d’autocollants : « En moyenne, moins de 1% des courses en taxi donnent lieu à une plainte; nous voyons dans cette application un excellent moyen pour les clients de nous fournir des commentaires constructifs, afin que nous puissions nous améliorer en permanence. »