The Benefits of a Regulated Taxi Industry

An open letter to Canadians,

When you get into a Canadian taxi you expect a safe ride and to be sure that you’re in the hands of a trained, professional driver who is adequately insured and who will charge you a fair price. But how can you be sure?
This is why, for the first time ever, Canada’s taxicab companies have joined forces as the unified voice of the nation’s regulated taxi industry.
Representing taxi owners in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, the Canadian Taxi Association believes strongly that only a regulated taxi industry can provide the safe, secure service that individuals and communities expect, and we are launching a national campaign to bring that message to you.

What you need to know:

Canada’s regulated taxi industry is safe

Canada’s taxicab industry is regulated to ensure the safety of individuals, families and communities we serve. Every day, we get hundreds of thousands of people to where they need to go safely. Our vehicles meet all safety requirements; drivers are fully-trained and vetted. Our cars are equipped with state-of-the-art tracking systems and emergency features that protect passenger safety. Being responsible for the safety of passengers is always a tremendous responsibility, and it’s our number one priority.

Regulated taxis are secure

When you ride in a regulated taxicab, you know that you’re fully covered should an incident occur. Full commercial carrier insurance is available only to licensed taxi operators and it protects everyone in the unlikely event of an accident including the driver and passengers as well as cyclists, pedestrians and other motorists. Taxicab operators use state-of-the-art secure payment systems to protect your identity and card information.

Regulated taxi services give value

No matter who you are, or where you need to go, you can expect a regulated taxicab to take you to your destination for a fair price. The prices of a taxi ride are set by your municipal and provincial governments to ensure that the taxicabs in your city are safe and secure and, that the hard working men and women who drive taxicabs can earn a fair wage. There are no ‘surge charges’ or other surprise costs; just the published metered fare. The taxicab industry in Canada, and in almost every other country in the world, is regulated to protect customers and people in the community. Without our robust regulatory regime that we uphold here in Canada, day in and day out, we know that people may not be treated fairly or safely.

Before you get in an unregulated car for hire, think!

Make sure you understand the risks of using an unregulated service. Is the car safe? Is the driver fully trained? Will you be insured should an accident occur? Are you getting a fair deal? Is there a number you can call to speak to management?

Call or hail a regulated taxi or use our convenient mobile apps to book your safe, secure ride. For more information about Canada’s regulated taxi industry and how it provides the safe, secure and value-for-money service that Canadians expect.

Yours sincerely,

Your regulated taxicab companies