Unionizing Uber: New front in battle over wildly successful ride-hailing app

March 23, 2016 Taxi Truths News, Race to the bottom, Regulation, Safety Issues, Story

There’s a four-wheeled workers’ revolution spinning through the streets of Seattle that could end up rolling over one of the most profitable business models of the so-called “sharing economy.”

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Drivers for the ride-hailing service Uber have been given the right to unionize by Seattle city council, the only jurisdiction in North America to do so.

The union drive brings the potential to achieve what regulators in cities around the world, including in Canada, have been mostly ineffective at doing — imposing local rules and labour standards on how Uber relates with its drivers.

“We have no say,” Seattle Uber driver Don Creery told CBC News on a recent visit to the city. “We can email the company about issues, but they just get ignored. It seems the company has an agenda to push the prices as low as they can.”

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Source: CBC.ca

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